Welcome to my website and blog. Its an eclectic combination of my life. Lots of work, lots of exercise, eating great food, and traveling around.

  • For work, I’m the CEO of XBOSoft, Inc., a firm that specializes in software quality assurance consulting and testing services. As the CEO of XBOSoft, I’m often invited to give talks at industry conferences as well as write articles in various journals. My most recent articles can be found┬áhere:
  • For exercise, I’ve got a geezer-jock page where I post my latest exploits. Sometimes some workouts from my Garmin, or some pictures from the day’s ride. Right now, I’m kind of still recovering from a catheter ablation that I had in August. I had AFIB which was preventing me from doing much, so I decided to have the ablation. It seems to have worked but I’m still not 100% back.
  • For eating, I used to try almost anything at least once, but… Now that I’ve turned vegan my selection is a little constrained sometimes.
  • For traveling around, I think I’ve been to over 60 countries, but there are over 200 so I have a long way to go. I’d like to visit a new one each year. When I stay in one place, I usually stay in Beijing, South San Francisco or Woodbridge, VA. San Francisco is where both of my parents are originally from, so I have many relatives in the area, and the Bay Area is not a bad place to live! Woodbridge is where I’m from. Since I grew up there, I still have many connections both personal and business. Beijing is where most of our engineers are located for XBOSoft. Since I’ve been living in China on and off for 15 years, I consider Beijing home as well.

I’ve got a great apartment for rent in South San Francisco that’s ideal for professionals who want convenience yet serenity away from crowds.

You can find it here on airbnb.


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