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On the road to Moran Wyoming

Chuck points out volcanic plume as we leave twin falls Idaho Advertisements

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PNSQC Call for Abstracts

In this video, I discuss the PNSQC abstract submission process and why you should submit an abstract for this great conference.

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Evaluating Software Learnability

Congrats to my good friend and colleague Irfan for his paper at a recent conference now available online at IEEE Xplore: Evaluating software learnability: A learnability attributes model

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Mobile Usability and User Experience Research Underway

I am now conducting research regarding mobile user experience. The experiments we are running consists of at least 4 dimensions. Task Tasks need to be clearly defined with a broad range of simple to complex depending on the application. Device/Platform

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Software Test Professionals 2012 – New Orleans

At my recent talk at STP in New Orleans, I gave a talk on usability and how it differs from user experience, and how to define and measure the two. What was fun for me was that I wore my

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Today’s Ride – 4/14/2012

Today was one of the first warm days in BJ. Had a decent ride,¬†slow but steady. that’s what uncle steve says…

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